Win brand new gliders in prize draws!

Win brand new gliders in prize draws!

Igor Todevski - if you have ever competed in Krushevo you know Igor. The Krushevo-guru, who knows everything about the area.
He will be our host and MD during Krushevo round.


Joerg Ewald - there is no one on the Planet who knows more about paragliding competition scoring than Joerg. The mastermind behind most currently used scoring systems.
He will guarantee that the results will come out quickly and with no mistakes.


Karolina Kocięcka - organizer and the best and most experienced  Meet Director you will ever meet. 
She will be our MD during Clopotiva and Levico rounds.


Magdalena Pawlak - an experienced pilot, an instructor, a few times Polish Championships medalist. Successful organizer, an architect with high attention to details.
Runs the Cloudbase flying school, together with her partner.


Przemysław Czerwinski - the main organizer of the very successful Polish Paragliding Open 2019 in Levico Terme. The pilot with 20+ year experience. Long-time competitor, Polish vice champion in sports class.  Events organizer by profession. 

Our Team

Why sports class competitions?

The demand for sports class competition is high. There are many pilots who loves to race and compete but don’t want to fly full-blood competition gliders.

There is a lot of ‘regular’ competitions where all paraglider classes are racing the same tasks. Such a situation is not ideal neither for
EN C pilots nor for CCC pilots:

  • task setting – often too difficult for EN C gliders to get to goal or tasks not ambitious enough which makes CCC pilots not happy.
  • scoring – all classes are scored together, which is unfair for lower classes regarding leading and goal points.
  • EN C pilots also love to fly in leading gaggles and win tasks. Now it’s almost impossible. Usually, when the first EN C pilots arrive in goal the overall winners are already packed and drunk all goal beer ☺ 


Thanks to the NOVA Paragliding Grand Prix none of the above will bother you anymore! Register today and enjoy  competing in the best possible environment!


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